About Us

Our Vision & Mission

The Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council is the advocacy organization acting on behalf of the state’s chemical industry and providing solutions that bring value for member companies. PCIC works to make Pennsylvania an ideal home for chemical and related industries.

Who We Are:

PCIC has been a presence in Harrisburg and across the state for more than 30 years. The Council is managed by Bravo Group, a leading public relations, communications and government relations firm with offices in Harrisburg, suburban Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

What We Do:

Public Policy Advocate: PCIC is the voice of the chemical industry in the state’s public policy process. PCIC membership is an economical way for firms to track Pennsylvania regulatory and legislative issues. PClC works with lawmakers and regulators to improve the business climate and allow companies to succeed. PCIC provides regular updates on important legislative, regulatory and political developments.

Liaison to Chemical Industry: PCIC works with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and communicates with its counterparts in other states, which allows our members with multiple facilities to effectively coordinate their state government relations efforts. PCIC also collaborates with other associations to bring more leverage to a specific issue at a state or national level.

Committed to the Environment: PCIC advocates for the responsible use of chemicals and encourages community outreach among member firms and the industry at large.